My name is Timur Aloev, I’m a Russian artist based in Prague, Czech Republic. At one point I was working at a well known Czech-gay-porn agency in the post-production team. I’m primarily creating illustrations, comics and digital collages. However lately I’m more focused on making paintings, small ceramics and anime portraits. 

These series of illustrations were made back then, in 2014, while I was still studying at The  University of Ostrava. I was in my third year of the bachelor program and my school mates were doing a second publication of an artist book-dictionary with words that our teacher of history of arts was using in his lectures. The concept of that dictionary was to interpret and illustrate these words that were taken out of context: Juvenalia, kunsthistorian genofond, sacral spheres, frappant (French), lapidar cube, exploiting, autopsy. 

As at that time I was exploring sexuality in my art, I was drawing a lot of erotic drawings, kinky stuff, naked people, masturbation and so on. And most of my university projects that year were “frivolous”. So maybe that’s why I came up with associations like autofelatio for autopsy, sacral spheres are obvious implication to scrotum and Juvenalia sounded like ejaculation (even though it’s not).


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